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Fun and Games

Many of these will help you improve your keyboarding and mousing skills while you're having fun!

Mouse Training - Practice using the mouse by completing the various tasks.

Online Typing Course - Teach yourself to type using short easy to follow lessons.

Crossword Puzzles - It's amazing how easy it is to do crossword puzzles on the Web. No erasers required! Link to a world-wide selection of regular, cryptic, educational, theme and other crossword puzzles. Online registration is required for some sites.

A Game a Day - From the monthly calendar, find a new game every day to stimulate learning, problem solving and creative thinking.

Solving Cryptic Crosswords - Cryptic crosswords can seem dauntingly non-sensical at first glance. But the fundamental principles of cryptic clueing are actually quite simple.(pdf)

The Free Dictionary - Free dictionary and fun word games including hangman, word of the day, spelling bee, matchup and more!

Today's Online Puzzles - Includes cryptic, Canadiana and universal crosswords from the Globe and Mail.

Universal Word Search - By Timothy E. Parker. Hosted by the National Post.








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